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PLF is a full-service dog psychology, training, and canine care facility nestled in the Smoky Mountains, convenient to Halls, Powell, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, and I75/Norris Freeway (Hwy 441). Our  programs service behavioral and physical needs through a NON-KENNELING, comprehensive approach for your “Child with Paws”. We know how to give your dog a stress free vacation of his/her own! Call us and let us see how we can help your dog! 

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Children under the age of 12 are NOT allowed in with the dogs for their own safety. No exceptions. They may wait at the kitchen table till your tour is done if they must come with you. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

OWNER’S VISION: “We need a place in our community, where our dogs can go and learn to be balanced. A little nature, a little domestication, and still loved by a human. It’s a fine art, but PLF has mastered it. We want dogs with lesser behaviors to learn their job in the human home and how they fit in. People just don’t know how that’s done and as a result getting neurotic dogs (common problem.) So come on out to the Farm and have a look. Open your minds to nature, dog’s way of seeing it, and learning how to domesticate your dog to make him/her a pleasure. Use our Training options for a more involved ‘brain-thing’, Boarding for out of town needs, and Daycare for maintenance while at work. There are some things we as humans just cannot teach our dog/s.”

As the only non-kenneling, family owned and operated, dog care facility in the Knoxville area that uses the “Dog Whisperer’s” dog-psychology techniques, we make KNOWING your dog our priority so we can see them as an individual and not a number. NOW with a VETERINARIAN ON STAFF! We believe its imperative that each dog have a role in a Pack as Nature intended. Insured and licensed, our facility is MORE than just a dog lover petting your dog but a licensed nurse assessing your pet and Certified trainer handling the Pack (now with 1000 Pack-Trained dogs as the base Guests ready to help yours to also settle in and show your dog how its done, so it can help another new dog)! Now with more than 800 customers and 80% repeat business, we are certain your dog can do this too, see our “New Pack Members” link for the process for new dogs to join the PACK!

Non-kenneling dog boarding means visiting dogs are not kept in cages or “runs” for their stay or let out for “playtime,” We do crate your dog at night, to keep their Central Nervous Systems from becoming over stimulated and giving symptoms of stress to their bodies. Your dog will learn the importance of being a dog and participating in a pack of dogs under  supervision of our dog psychology-behavioral trainers, all under ONE FLAT RATE–all our competitors charge to walk them, feed them, play time, cuddle time, etc. NOT HERE! It really is one flat rate with add-on services of your choice and schedule needs. With 25 years experience, we are NOT a family looking to supplement our income. This is our primary focus and dedication. Cage Free is much more labor intensive (labor paid by the hour) so your money goes to HUMANS keeping your dog entertained and safe. Please see our New Pack Membership and Promo page to see how to get your dog a PACK APPROVAL (aka Behavioral Assessment). PLF is proud to be setting the standard of a better way! Help us to give your dog a job–a purpose, and see how it changes their behavior when you pick them back up!

Sound to good to be true?

We are committed to giving your “child with paws” the best individual care while allowing them to “be a dog.” Dogs are pack oriented–meaning, being in a pack is their natural instinct. We all know if left to their own demise, the pack would kill each other working out who’s going to be “top dog.” This is why we keep a human with them at all times, a dog walker (in season) to keep them tired, activities to keep them entertained, and time in their beds at night to rest and start again the next day. View our public feedback on Google, Facebook, and over 1000 photos on our Flicker account, and if it still sounds to good to be true, come for a tour and see for yourself. We specialize in meeting special needs for your dog at no extra charge (giving meds, special diets, physical handicaps) All of our customers tell us one of two things: #1 “As soon as i got off your exit, my dog went crazy in the car knowing where he was and wanting to hurry up and get to PLF to play!” and #2 “He slept upon his return home for the first 12hrs, only getting up to drink and potty!” bet you don’t hear that after you get your dog from staying in a crate at your local vet’s office or staying in a conventional kennel where they are lucky to get walked and typically come home with illness due to stress! We are proud to report that only 1 in 1200 that vacationed with us this past year needed to be treated for stress! (most kennels and vets have 1 in 3, that’s why “they provide the food!” This costs you an additional $75-100 on your return home in vet expense and a clingy dog that don’t want you to leave for several weeks after.) They TRULY are as happy to come as they are to go! Even if you own a PERFECT dog, your best friend needs to keep its mind occupied while you are away so it won’t stress or stop eating (every guest eats here, we see to it!). So why not let your dog have a DOG job? Bring your dog for the Behavioral Assessment so we can assign it a way to help another dog that is weak where yours is strong. It’s NATURE for each Pack Member to give back to its own community NO MATTER the age or health status. (even guests in wheel chairs have ways to give back to other dogs.) Pet Parent wins by having a better behaved dog on its return home having learned the basics of being a Pack Friend (Memberships are available too!), we benefit by having another Pack Friend who we can rely on to be part of the Base Pack that is trained to do this every time you need to go out of town, and the BIGGEST WINNER is your dog who is happy and tired on his return home from his vacation! THE FARM IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE DAYCARE! Just ask any of our regular guests!

Extended Stay Cost: (Your drop off time determines when the 24hr period starts):

<30lbs is $26/dog MINUS your % allowed for membership or applied promo (See New Pack Membership and Promo link on the side of this page)

30-60lbs is $28/dog

60-80lbs is $30/dog

CAGE FREE Daycare (During business hours listed below):

PLAY DATE: $3/hour/dog

DAYCARE: $20/day/dog for local customers (All non-local, its $3/hour. Call ahead to book an appointment) MINUS your % allowed for membership (See “New Pack Members and Promo link on the side of this page for details!)

*After business hours services are available with prior arrangement and an additional service fee of $5 applies.

Call our office for information or schedule a FREE tour. (see our “New Pack Members and Promotions page for ways to save). The time you drop off the first day is the time you have on the last day to pick up or you are charged for another day. We believe it is our job to entertain your pup, so its just one flat rate. (no charge for walking, feeding, giving meds, etc.) Yes, it is, THAT SIMPLE! Pay an extra $20/day/dog and keep your pet out of the cage at night and in the owner’s bed! YES! WE WILL EVEN SLEEP WITH YOUR DOG LIKE YOU DO! (Limited space available for this service, and the dog must not have a physical disability to participate. Call our office for more information!)

WHAT YOUR MONEY COVERS: Dog Walker, Feeding, Supervised Cage Free time for 14hrs, 24hr staffing on the property, activities, training your dog to be a Pack Friend, updates to our pet parents, assessment for stress, after hour availability for emergency booking, medication administration, health assessments, and more. See our “New Pack Membership and Promo” link for ways to save. We run the cleanest facility in town…come see for yourself!

Please note: NO TOURS can be done over major holidays or busy weekends when we are booked full for the protection of the PACK. For the dog boarding safety, we MUST keep them in a proper state of mind at all times, and tours disrupt this. We apologize for any inconvenience and are willing to work a tour in anytime outside of that if at all possible. But as our business grows and becomes more popular, we hope new guests will understand.

  • Specializing (but not limited to) in the care of medically fragile dogs, to “well” to be at the vet
  • Physically Handicapped dogs
  • Dogs that need medication on a regular basis
  • Coordinating care between vets while you are out of town

–“Individualized care, because I KNOW your dog. You are investing in a program for a place your dogs will want to return to for his/her care. NOT a one-time visit. I purposely do 90% of the care myself so that you the owner not only deal with me, but you have MORE than just “a dog lover” caring for your beloved pet while you go on a vacation you earned!” -Sona Pyle, LPN, AS, Owner of PLF

Customer Tara wrote: - Feb 29, 2012

“My dachshund Charlie is paralyzed from the waist down. I am very apprehensive when he is boarded. Sona and the staff at Puppy Luv Farms took excellent care of Charlie, including expressing his bladder. Charlie felt right at home with the dogs at PLF. I received texts messages and; photos daily so that I could see how well he was doing. Not all boarding facilities would know how to take proper care of a paralyzed pet. Sona knows how to handle these pets with her nursing background and; knowledge of dogs. When I picked Charlie up to go home, he wasn’t even excited to see me, because he wanted to stay. I will definitely be a return customer and; recommend this place to anyone that wants the best care for their dog!”

Customer Deb wrote:

I would give TEN stars if I could! My boys LOVE staying with Sona and her dachshunds! We were delighted to find a non-kenneling boarding home at such reasonable costs. Every time my boys boarded with their vet or at Pet Safe Village, one would have explosive diarrhea for a week! They have boarded twice with Sona and come home happy and healthy! They always smell great too from the bath! The best part is the pictures she will text you showing them all having a ball! Recently my older baby passed on. His brother was so grief-stricken that he didn’t eat or get off the couch for a week. Finally, it occurred to me to take him back to Puppy Luv for a few days of playtime in her doggie day care program. he was eating and playing again in no time! We are so grateful to have Sona and Puppy Luv Farms! She understands that my dogs are my children and gives them an abundance of love when I have to go out of town. I wish I had found her sooner!”

Things to bring: (please write your dog’s name on everything!)


  • your pet’s food
  • HIGH protein snacks (no Milkbones will be accepted) We recommend dry chicken strips. If you forget or would rather, your dog can eat from the Organic Bakery menu here on site at PLF! Cost is 10/wk and if your dog does not stay the full week, we will send him home with a doggie bag. PLEASE NOTE: all dogs must have these high protein snack for their blood sugar to be regulated from all the playing and exercise, so your bill will reflect a $10 fee/week for treats. If you don’t provide enough for the calorie intake we need to get your dog to eat, we will add bakery cost to your bill. Call ahead to see what your size dog and age needs. REMEMBER: they are playing and training here! NOT a conventional issue at boarding facilities of the vet or kennel.
  • something that smells like home–typically a blanket or dog bed they sleep on
  • shot records from your vet of Rabies, Bordatella (Kennel Cough), and DTTP
  • you can request a copy of our contract to be emailed to you if you are in a rush to catch a plane. Email is:

All reservations FOR DOG BOARDING: require a $50 deposit per dog (non refundable should you need to cancel, it is however, a credit on your bill at pick up) Book now to schedule “your dog’s vacation!!” For customers that need to cancel, sometimes things happen and you can’t go on vacation. Beginning 3/1/12, we will now hold your deposit on your account for you to use at a future date with a 72 hour notice (expect major holidays, this is then non refundable or a credit). Just give us a call when you are ready to reschedule! All Sundays are an additional $5 service fee.

Our policy for Major Holidays:

Our “PACK Pawtys” for all dog boarding guests have become very popular! (see the blue link below) To help cover costs this will be a flat rate fee added to your bill. In addition, just before you pick them up, we will have your dog washed and fluffed with a GO-Dana and their name on it! HOLIDAYS BOOK 2 WEEK MINIMUM IN ADVANCE!! The rate is a flat  $25 per dog a one time fee, not charged daily!!!. Holidays that it applies to:

  • Memorial day
  • July 4th
  • Christmas

See pics of our previous holiday events here!


“We keep the PACK size small to give the best service possible to you and your dog! Quality care that ensures YOU and your dog have the best experience possible!” -the Owner

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Now accredited thru the BBB! Click this link to see our ratings:



MON 7A-730P (Tours and Assessments 7a-6p with an office staff member available)

TUES 4p-6p BY APPT ONLY for drop off and pick up at no service charge. Call ahead to schedule this

WED-FRI 7A-730P (Tours and Assessments 7a-6p with an office staff member available)







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