Exceptional Experience

Welcome to Puppy Luv Farms!  PLF is a full-service, licensed, and insured canine daycare or extended stay-care center and the only non-kenneling dog care facility in the Knoxville area that utilizes the “Dog Whisperer’s” dog psychology techniques in a “short term environment”.  Non-kenneling means visiting dogs for boarding or daycare are not kept in cages or kennels for the majority of their stay, only at night.   Your dog will learn the importance of being a dog and participating in a pack of dogs under 24hr supervision IN A HOME environment. Come for a FREE tour of PLF, and check out this dog boarding facility and its dog daycare programs!

A Loving Environment

Meet “Ms. Hazel.”  The PACK mascot and greeter of Puppy Luv Farms LLC, a non-kenneling dog facility located in Knoxville, TN.. She is known on her Facebook page as being the “mouth of the South” as she firmly believes you came here to simply see her!  Hazel has only ever know the world of “Pack” so is willing and able to show all new comers how its done! Come meet the rest of the crew on a tour! Each have their own personality and PACK job to help your pet settle in to his/her own home away from home, making it truly “Your Dog’s Vacation Location!

Special Care

The CEO, “Ms Sona” is a LPN and practiced in cardiology and mental health.  So aside from her emotional connection with your pet, she also offers a level of physiological support as well.  Your dog will be assessed frequently for conditions like stress, dehydration, respiratory problems, etc. And while it is almost never needed, she has the ability to do everything from CPR to administering IV fluids should the need arise. Certified in Dog Training, we offer a balance Pack environment in a cage-free way! Convenient to Knoxville, Powell, Halls, and Clinton, TN.